A blessed font…look a little closer…

A tiny (about 11 millimetres across) Marian Mark composed of two conjoined ‘V’s on the 15th century font of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, North Marston, Buckinghamshire. It is often the small details that lend weight to current interpretations of historic graffiti assemblages. The font has many Marian Marks (both in the W and M forms), sacred monograms, ‘dot’ patterns (arranged in threes) and saltires (‘X’) cut into the carved clunch structure. The font, of course, contained the holy water for baptism-a substance considered so sacred that it could only be disposed of in a specially-built wall piscena which ensured that the miraculous liquid did not fall into the wrong hands. The graffiti survey at North Marston is brand new piece of research by the author intended to shed further light on the cult of the folk-saint John Shorn and his holy well. https://www.treadwells-london.com/…/conjuring-the-devil…

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