The Scores on the Doors…..

The door to the old Brewhouse (as it is now hung, upside down) within the outbuildings at Charlecote Park, a 16th century grand country house in Warwickshire (Plate 1).

Plate 1: Entrance to the old Brewhouse/laundry © W Perkins 2021

The building complex went through many changes over the following centuries and a preliminary survey has found graffiti dating to the 17th & 18th centuries throughout the farm building complex and the stables.

However, the greatest concentration of graffiti came from the Tudor Gatehouse which has stood as a sentinel at the entrance to the main residence for over 400 years. (Plate 2).

It is heavily peppered with graffiti of all kinds but there is a definite concentration of apotropaics around the entrance arch, particularly on the quoins that face outwards, away from the house (Plates 3 & 4). It would appear that it was built to protect against mortal foes but later adapted to counter spiritual ones as well….

Plate 2: The Tudor gatehouse, Charlecote Park, Warwickshire

Plate 3: Graffiti around the entrance to the gatehouse.
Plate 4: Graffiti under the carriage arch in the gatehouse includes crosses, merel-type marks, Marian marks and dot designs of a dizzying variety.

A full site report to follow on RPM&RP soon….

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