Villages By The Sea: Flamborough, Yorkshire

For the eagle-eyed, a carved stone block comprising a six-petal rosette* can be seen in the gable-end of one of the houses at Flamborough, Yorkshire in the BBC television series, ‘Villages By The Sea.’.

It would appear that the carved stone block had been recovered from an older building and then incorporated into the gable end of the house to provide protection for the building. The re-use of dressed or decorative stone in later buildings is not uncommon and it is clear that it is of a different order of the stone (mainly chalk used in most of these buildings) to the other courses.

Heavily pixelated photo of when the drone footage captures the stone.
Slightly pixelated photo of the carved stone block
  • The correct nomenclature for the hexafoil/hexfoil/daisy wheel/flower of life is still under discussion.

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