All Souls’ Day, 2nd November

Main image: Souls being harried by demons, Doom Painting, All Saints, Hastings. Photo: © W Perkins 2021.

Drawing of St. Patrick’s purgatory (1419) by an unknown artist in the Alsacian manuscript Legenda Aurea, cpg 144 of the University Library Heidelberg, folio 338r. Public domain.

All Souls’ Day is the third day of Allhallowtide; a day of remembrance for the ‘faithful’ departed through the action of prayer, intercessions & the giving of alms. Christians commemorate the ‘poor’ souls in Purgatory* in an attempt to gain them indulgences.

Souls being harried by demons, ‘The Last Judgement,’ St Mary the Virgin, Newington-next-Sittingbourne. Photo: © W Perkins 2022.

Indulgences were believed to be a way to reduce the amount of punishment that the dead had to undergo for their sins (Peters 2008:13). It was believed that the purification of souls in Purgatory could be assisted by the actions of the faithful on Earth.

Doom Painting above the chancel arch, All Saints, Hastings. Photo: © W Perkins 2021.

The Catechism of the catholic church states that such actions can provide a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to past sins.

Miniature by Stefan Lochner showing souls in purgatory
Public domain ©

The ‘Doctrine of the Souls’ states that those departed from the body are not ‘perfectly’ cleansed from venial sins (or have not fully atoned for their past transgressions).

Purgatory was believed to have been an ‘intermediary’ state after physical death for the expiatory purification of the soul – the final purification of the elect. Purgatorial fire was believed to have been ‘expiatory’ not punitive like Hell-fire (Mershman 1913).

There are many examples of devotional graffiti cut into the render which had been applied to the walls to take the Doom Painting. St Mary the Virgin, Newington-next-Sittingbourne. © W Perkins 2022.

* (Latin, “purgare”, to make clean, to purify)


Historic England (2022) Church of All Saints. *, List Entry Number: 1353127.Date first listed: 19-Jan-1951.Statutory Address:CHURCH OF ALL SAINTS, ALL SAINTS STREET.

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